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Welcome to my website. Be Careful What You Wish For is an intriguing, controversial and inspiring true story of an Italian native who embarked a journey that led to a life of secrets.

The controversial unique narratives will exposes the reader to an inter-mixture  of emotions and unpredictable unfold of events. A book with a simple start nevertheless adult themes of erotic narratives will follow, crime and deep secrets exposed.   


Life can grant us the most unusual wish. Ambra set of to London looking for a chance to break free and follow her heart true desires. Little she knew that her inexperience in life and her bizarre desires were going to be an unwise combination that would have forced her to keep everything a secret...

Enchanted by charming words and promises as sweet as honey. A new lover and emotions never experienced before, but who is really this person Ambra is letting into her life? Granted fantasies, illegal seduction, false pretences and a delusory motive. Will it be an unforgivable crime? After been kept captive by those who she trusted and loved, how will Ambra deal with her secret life?     

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Silver are the strings that control my whole being, so you see, I have no will

‎My voice buried under a million smiles

Hence, I nod in consent ‎to every request 

My empty eyes invoke my lost soul

Shattered into pieces a long time ago

I sit comfortably as I live under someone else control

My own desires are long forgotten, what was I dreaming of?

In aromatic water, I wash my Master's feet

I can cook and keep the house clean

As the night falls, I receive new commands

My Master flicks the strings; I turn into a Porno Star

I am a genie in the bottle, all kind of wishes I grant 

I never fail to induce intense orgasms

The word 'tired' does not live in my dictionary, I don't know it's meaning

The silver strings are my security, I respond to every pull 

How will I stand if I cut myself loose? 

The perfect woman for many I shall be

Until I gather my identity and learn to stand on my own two feet

Life for ever brewing in this empty shell. 

I relinquished many enmities

I was the tree in the Autumn months

The wrong actions I failed to see and forgave out of empathy

Fooled by my understanding heart

Kept prisoner of ’give me one more chance’ 

Drowned in the rain storm of broken promises

Crashed against the rocks of dishonesty 

It is said to love your enemies and bless those who curse

How desirable is that? 

Whereas repeated forgiveness only attracts more misdeed

How many times should one forgive?

Bare and cold I no longer wish to be

For so long I renounced to my leaves

Your are so complicated to be with

For as difficult as it is, we become free once we let go at the anger feeling

That feeling that makes us feel strong

That feeling that inside tortures our soul

At times, I wonder whose side are you on

Two roads are ahead of us

One to forgiveness 

One to revenge

The one we choose depends on our willingness .

If you are unlucky in love, I’ll surely cross your path

I am a true charmer who is born to be the greatest deceiver, you’ll see

Mind manipulation is my expertise

An illusion…a mirage, this I can fabricate with my very own hands

You will easily fall under my spell, all I need to do is show you that I care

Glamorized by my daily adulation you will feel like a Queen

I will be the Prince to sweep you off your feet

When your doubts melt away, you will be ready for my domain

My mission is to conquer your love, turning you into my devoted whore

Nights by the window insanely waiting for my return

Your mind busy, pondering on what you are doing wrong

I will mold you to feel inadequate in bed

Unable to fulfil my lascivious lust and requests

Your low confidence will keep you by the dirt of my feet

You, willing to do anything to be my only sexual fantasy

‘If you love me you will do this for me’

Emotionally blackmailed, watching me penetrate the young Call Girl

One by one, my lies will burst like bubbles, time to get vile

Only death will do us apart, you belong to me, not to another man

I’ll brainwash you ugly and undesirable

My craft is strong, you won’t get out

So be ready for me to enter your life and govern your soul

I am no fool…I know which one of you I can magnetically

She walks alone on her usual way home

Her mind is absorbed in her daily thoughts

She is unaware of the malicious eyes that are following her

She is the target but she does not know it yet

He wolf, silently walks alongside her shadow

Deeper into the darkness he gets ready to hunt her 

She gasps in shock as the grasp of his hands drag her into his den

His fearful threats hold her still; if she tries to escape, he will kill

He batters her against the rocks; she screams in pain but he carries on

His rotten roots are watered with her blood

He feels stronger and more excited the further he goes

With one hand he grabs her throat; he lifts her off the ground

It is all about control

He bends her on her knees, she must beg for mercy and ask for forgiveness, she must not cry nor sulk

If she does, she will be punished more

Somehow each day he grows bigger than the day before

His torture becomes more violent as the days go on

She is perishing in his arms; she cannot even remember when it all began

A faint voice calls her name

Her eyes hesitantly opens

She is not in a dark den; he is not there with her

‘It was only a nightmare’, she says in relief

The kind woman smiles ‘it is all in the past, do not be afraid, you are safe with me’.

The silent night softly descend with dark intents

Perpetrators yet unaware… she is after them 

The harmless roses that once adorned her kind self

Suddenly grew the largest thorns, protecting her

Her thirst for justice feeds the warrior spirit in her 

She will shed blood, she seeks their death

Offenders walking free, unpunished for their crimes

Victims failed by the justice system and others too terrified to testify

Hunter of evil souls, executor of her believes

The knife is sharpen and ready to inflict

Into dark corners she blends, black clothes and hair tied back

Her patience is rewarded, her chosen criminal is back

Now is the perfect moment, she slashes his back

Before he can react, she strikes the second blow

Falling on the ground, he is unable to move

His injuries made him weak, he now knows how his victims feel

The hands he violently used she carved all the way through

Six knife imprints mark the end of his immoral sexual needs

His vile body she watches squirm

His sick mind knows that this is the end, the end of his unlawful trend

His cruel heart is mercilessly transfixed, putting a stop to his heartbeat 

Like a river his blood flows

The smell of death overpowers the room

As she exits the crime scene, she feels empowered

She feels pleased with her deed

An abrupt noise awakes her from her dream

She now smiles; she knows who she is meant to be.

Love relationships blossoming everywhere

Chased by countless souls on earth

Internet dating, newspaper ads and match making groups

If you are single, expect the patronizing ‘good for you’ 

Beaming and secretly wondering what is wrong with you

The ones who want to have someone to go home to

The ones whose age makes them feel that it’s too late to leave

The ones who only exists in a relationship

The ones who would do anything for money 

Never mind what goes behind closed doors

Keep up the appearances, if that is what you want 

Throughout sleepless nights, they make war not love 

Name calling so obscene, even the Devil would be shocked

Illicit affair because she does not get the attention she needs

Playing around because he does not get the blowjob he seeks

Yet happy families they play

Their mind caught up in their vain game

Trivial discussions souring their life

Sorrowfully they pity themselves, yet they willingly remain in their despair 

Financial comfort, fear to be alone, reluctance to let go

Shallow wisdom is the path the walk

Still, if you are not part of their crowd, you are perceived as the odd one out

For very few their relationship is blessed and true

Twin flame, true love, soul mate, whichever name you like to designate 

The one relationship worth living. 

Jealousy, don't you come in my way

Don't veil my mind, don't drive me insane

I know that you cleverly ‎mask the truth 

The complexity of possessiveness and insecurity camouflaged underneath you

In your bed of madness I don't want to sleep

The love that lies within you it’s dangerous and sick

Paranoia is one of your side effects

Your users become delusional and obsessed

Imagination blossoms like flowers in spring

Betrayal worries grow like weed

The mind held captive under detrimental fury

Unleashing transgression and wrongdoing

In your cocoon the transformation is reversed, the beauty becomes the beast

You are the unwanted threesome in a relationship, the wrong harness in a sexual role-play

Your opium runs through their veins

Their mental faculty becomes insane

Hence, I carefully walk under the sun, avoiding those icy roads that cause to slip up

Here and now, I resign from your messy affairs

Don’t reward me with your faithful followers.

Come into my bedroom and lock the door

Slip off your dress; let it drop on the floor

Sit on the nude vintage chair and enjoy my show

Watch me dance as I strip off my impure clothes

Music is my aphrodisiac; it’s what my libido loves

See how much I desire to feel your stroke

Run your hand down your G-string

Lick your finger and feel my clit

Kiss my breast as I pull you tight

Indulge in pleasure, feeling me go down on you as I graze your thigh

My passion is yours so is the touch of my lips

Feel me making love to what you have in between

The pulse of sweet I fully taste

I let it drip down my face

Come on my bed the turn is reversed

Erotically frisk my body in full heat

Give me hard-core as you brush against my skin

And don’t stop until you hear me heavily breathe

By your hair I push you down 

Finish my orgasm with your mouth

Dry my wet with your lips 

You have committed the perfect sin.

Born to be different, unpredictable and complex to read

This world of judgment is not yet ready to accept their special needs

Sparky wires in their brain prompting them to see things in a different way

Their emotions often run high; our society never misses the chance to give the disapproving eye

Sneaky comments they love to add, as if the carer was not challenged enough

Being their carer is not an easy role, Autism demands attention all day long

Socialisation is not their strong point and adaptation is not their best friend

Our everyday environments they often find too frustrating to bear

No-one likes having unnecessary rules forced upon, so why do it to them?

Loving them for who they are, even when they drive you up the wall

Accepting their soul just the way it was born

Because this is how you would want to be treated too

Their behaviour is affected by Autism…what is your excuse?

So keep staring at them, that might cure their Autism, and then we can work on your social skills.

Dear Love,

I thought about you countless times

I tried to escape your authority, this I cannot deny

I wonder what makes you so damn strong

What gives you the power to have this much control

We are puppets in your hands; you decide who falls and who stands

You can make people spark with happiness or have them curled up in sadness

In the name of love I have seen many lose their mind 

Even a shred of their dignity could not be saved

A hole in the ground they dug with their very bare hands 

There they buried any surviving common sense 

Prisoners of your hypnotic power, we don’t stand a chance

We drink the sweet potion you brew for us

The heart only desire is to feel your comforting warmth 

The contract we sign it harnesses our mind and binds our soul 

Your heavy chains at times is too much to bear

Even so, of your addictive drug we plea for more

Intoxicated with your madness we are on top of the world

We feel light-hearted and more beautiful than we ever did before

Addicted to the flame that turns into a roaring fire

We are jailed for life; you are our heart true desire.

Ambra Celeste is a freelance writer who was born in Italy and moved to London at the age of twenty-one. It was there, that after living through remarkablexperiences, she drew the inspiration for her diary. A reading with a light start leading to breathtaking and controversial narratives. 
Ambra Celeste wrote 'Be Careful What You Wish For' whilst studying for her degree in Accounting and Finance.


Ambra Celeste Relives Her Dark and Secretive Life in London

Ambra Celeste leaves Italy for London in hopes of following her passions and dreams. Upon arriving in London however, Celeste finds despair and ... 


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