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Making mistakes is part of life and that is how we learn and grow. At times, we take risks in the name of love, we hope to change our lovers’ bad ways, we give endless chances, but it never pays off. Not to mention our lovers’ fetish fantasies that made us go‘Yack!’ Or maybe not. Some of the secrets we hold are too shameful to share, although back then it surely was exciting to try something unconventional and new, until reality knocks hard on our door. Then we truly see the danger we are in. Nevertheless, after surviving the most challenging phase of our lives, YES we have the strengths and abilities to reclaim our essences back and most importantly to be the Alchemists of our lives.

I am Ambra Celeste and I am passionate about writing blogs aiming to inspire readers and to encourage them to take actions. Some of my blogs are influenced by my trying journey and my dangerous romance

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I have no doubt that many lived/live similar experiences in life and this is the reason behind my diary Be Careful What You Wish For which is to fuel the courage to renew your life, free yourself and be the amazing person you truly deserve to be. 

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About Me

Ambra Celeste is a freelance writer who was born in Italy and moved to London at the age of twenty-one. It was there, that after living through remarkable experiences, she drew the inspiration for her diary. An intriguing, controversial and inspiring true story of an Italian native who embarked a journey that led to a life of secrets. 

Ambra Celeste wrote 'Be Careful What You Wish For' whilst studying for her degree in Accounting and Finance.


Life can grant us the most unusual wish. Ambra set of to London looking for a chance to break free and follow her heart true desires. Little she knew that her inexperience in life and her bizarre desires were going to be an unwise combination that would have forced her to keep everything a secret...

Enchanted by charming words and promises as sweet as honey. A new lover and emotions never experienced before, but who is really this person Ambra is letting into her life? Granted fantasies, illegal seduction, false pretences and a delusory motive. Will it be an unforgivable crime? After been kept captive by those who she trusted and loved, how will Ambra deal with her secret life?   

My Blogs

Bad Bad Girl

On a funny world I shall soon descend

Planet Earth

I ought to be thrilled with excitement, but I am scared

I hear of a place where bad trees bear evil fruits

I fear that my mommy and daddy won’t love me

If I am bad girl

My mommy will hold my feeble head into the water

Watching me as I struggle to breathe

Until I stop waving my arms

Thrown into the fast flowing river and bruised by rocks

My death row 

I hear of a place where rotten turf grows witless grass

I fear that my mommy and daddy won’t love me

If I am a bad girl

I will have no rights to chase the dragonflies in my dreams

Back breaking labour for being the only girl

My brothers will chew hay as they watch me slave

I hear of a place where malignant soil produces demented crops

I fear that my mommy and daddy won’t love me

If I am bad girl

My daddy will sell my prepubescent body to be adorned into a pretty bride

With terror and shame I’ll glance at the tall stranger standing by my side

Stripped of knowledge and education 

Immerse in perverted ejaculations 

I wish that my mommy and daddy will love me

Because I am a good girl.

Blind Cruella

I wonder ‎what makes you not care

I wonder what turned your heart into stone

Your icy conscience ignored one’s cry for help and has no remorse

Perhaps you were fed selfishness and bathed in loathe

‎Or maybe you were just born without soul

‎You are popular amongst the vicious and flourish ‎in the garden of thorns 

If you were a tree, your oxygen would be poisonous 

Your apathy unveils the depth of your meanness 

Yet, in your mirror you see a Queen

The centre of the attention

A VIP on a pedestal

I wonder of your disdain so cruelly cold

I wonder of the day when Karma will knock on your door.

Women Want Respect

Look into my eyes with profound respect 

Don’t secretly wonder what I look like naked

Truly listen when I open my heart to you

Don’t study me, don’t take me for a fool

Desire the graze of my kiss

Don’t fantasies on the feel on my lips on your dick

Spoil me with kindness and loving thoughts

In your arms I will blossom

Seduce me with sweet honey teasing

Don’t impose demands as if I was a working girl

Aromatic candles by the bed

Undress me slowly and raise the suspense 

Manifest devoted giving not thirsty greed

Show me your true colours

Not whom you want me to see

Hold me close to your chest to protect me from the cold breeze

Do not trap me, don’t imprison my identity

Respect me for the woman I am

I am the sword in the stone

Only a special man can pull me.

Anorexia Dream

I hate my thighs

I loathe my muffin tops

They are so disgusting

My belly is not flat 

My upper arms are a bit flabby 

I don’t like looking like that

I wish for Victoria Beckham’s 23-inch waist

My natural curves are driving me crazy

My obsession I feed

As I diet, I turn into a nasty bitch

My rib cage bones pop out of my dress

I am nearly there

How many calories do celebrities eat?

Oh yeah 600 per day maximum

To this allowance I must stick 

If I fail

I’ll starve 

I’ll be sick

In size zero I want to dress my bones

I take inspirations from sick-minded role models

I weigh myself twenty-five times a day

I am living anorexia dream

With pride I hold up my trophy

My saggy breasts and lollipop head are the only downfalls

Oh well, you cannot have it all.

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Ambra Celeste